FERDLIS Group was founded in 1883, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, headquartered in West Virginia, whose product was firstly used in a special air conditioning to US military, petroleum, aerospace,medical, government agencies, as well as other special fields. After more than a century of development,FERDLIS has become international expert and professional manufacturing group in frozen, cooling,ventilation, heating, clean field , and win a worldwide reputation for its technology in cutting-edge cooling,sophisticated manufacturing, excellent energy-saving.

FERDLIS is the first development and manufacturing company in the United States and Europe for highprecision air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, has the largest number of intellectual property rights in the global industry. More than a century, FERDLIS commit to professional and technical research and innovation, with its unique refrigeration compressor technology, efficient cascade refrigeration technology,microprocessor control, dynamic simulation technology, multi-system cross directly ( indirectly) cooling solutions, more dynamic data test system conditions, disturbance type evaporator built-in distribution and many other cutting-edge technology, FERDLIS has been a leader in the US and European market.

FERDLIS Group has subsidiaries throughout the world, in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, China.FERDLIS has six automated production bases and four digital R & D center, with offices in more than 40 countries and sales in over 150 countries. FERDLIS is one of the few has"Group Quality Certification" from the American and European agencies, due to the excellent quality management and leading-edge technology. FERDLIS Group has more than 2,000 certificates issued from global authority, FERDLIS Laboratory is also awarded the "Self-Certification", pass ARI, UL, CE, CSA, ISO9002 certification. FERDLIS advanced production technology has become a worldwide industry standards.

FERDLIS as a member of the United States green building council launched, won the EPA issued by the U.S. government (the ozone layer protection award), and in the world the first to use EMC (energy management system) of enterprise, for many years won the national "energy star" award, global recognized advocate "low carbon life, green economy".

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