Recalling the more than a century history,FERDLIS has an innovative spirit,and provide a steady stream of forward momentum for social progress, work and life. 

1883 Founded in USA West Virginia, providing ventilation system for oil field

1914 Became USA military ventilation equipment supplier

1922 Developed direct-evaporation cooling technology

1925 Launched highly efficient direct (indirect) cooling solutions

1927 Provided highly efficient cooling system for USA military and petroleum industry

1930 Provided accurate temperature control system for USA aviation systems

1948 Developed the first constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit for processing

1955 Became the sub-contractor of USA National Defense Industry

1959 Promote Semi-Enclosed Refrigeration Compressor to market

1975 High degree of purifier of direct expansion equipment won vast number of users

1986 Awarded the "USA NASA Outstanding Technical Achievement Medal"

1990 Launched Ultra high (low) temperature process Air Handling Unit

1993 Won "Best Ozone Protection Award" from USA Environmental Protection Agency

1999 Created an energy revolution model with Ice Storage technology at negative condition

2002 World's leading low temperature heat recovery technology launched in FERDLIS

2006 Started WPC digital engineering technology center in China

2009 Established a manufacturing base in China

2012 Won "Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise in Zhejiang Province" for four consecutive years

2013 Won the "Best Leadership Company" 

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