Since entering the Chinese market, FERDLIS introduce the United States advanced technology management concepts, including enterprise information management systems, enterprise online learning systems, knowledge management systems, technology development management system, product quality management system, customer training systems, service management system, leadership and scientific management system. 

Enterprise Management System 

When enterprises gradually develop and grow, we need a set of information management systems to improve internal and external business operation results. In 2009 FERDLIS officially introduced the enterprise management system, throught all expert team one year's efforts, Enterprise Management System is official on-line in February the following year.

Online Learning System 

FERDLIS developed a online learning system, and guided customers into training mechanism with more than 300 courses, including commerce training, product training, technical training, prodction management,product quality management, administration, etc.

Knowledge Management System 

FERDLIS always pay attention to the absorption and accumulation of knowledge, combined with years experience in industrial manufacturing, the independent development of knowledge management,publishing, sharing development management, quality management, production management, customer service, customer/employee training, product application, marketing, planning and management, human resources management and other valuable knowledge and experience. 

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