FERDLIS has established one digital engineering R & D center, two manufacturing bases, nine certified automatic assembly line in Hangzhou, China, while the third phase of manufacturing base covers 76000 m² with fully automated ‘Cloud Manufacturing Center’. FERDLIS has the international standards of modern plant and related facilities, the USA and European standards of production, processing, manufacturing and testing, ensure the management and technical synchronization with parent company. FERDLIS has been equipped with USA OAK heat exchange production equipment, Germany Leybold vacuum and high-precision leak detection equipment, Japanese automatically skim drying equipment, Japanese rapid environmental leak detection equipment and microcomputer control production lines and other world-class hardware.

FERDLIS Chinese factories already have the yearly production capacity of 20,000 air-cooled chillers, 5,000 water-cooled chillers, 60,000 fan coil units and 18,000 units special air-conditioning products. FERDLIS products cover Ice Storage Chiller with Dual working condition, VFD Water (Ground) Source Heat Pump Unit, Ultra-efficient Water-cooled Flooded Screw Chiller, Industrial Water Cooled(Frozen) Units, Purify Air-conditioning Unit, and more than twenty series, 1000 specifications other products. FERDLIS footprints are all over the Asia-Pacific region high-tech factories, government buildings, commercial construction and special fields. Development of environmental protection, energy saving, innovative products and solutions are FERDLIS relentless pursuit and responsibility.

FERDLIS China has more than 22 product management teams, whole day 24 hours service to provide technical solutions for customers. FERDLIS also assist relevant governmental department and research institutions to establish technology standard and system and to develop high-tech collaborative projects.FERDLIS has been selected for "The Most Admired Foreign Invested Companies In China", "The World Low Carbon Environmental Chinese 500 Strong Force ", "Leader Companies Golden Bee Award", "National Construction Machinery And Air Conditioning Industry Quality Golden Award ". 

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