Technology and Innovation are FERDLIS important basis to meet customer demand,progress and prosperity of society. FERDLIS accurately grasp market trends and product innovation, guide industry technology trends.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway-FERDLIS Air-Cooled Heat Pump providing heating and hot water at -40 °C environment, creating many magical record in industry.

Huawei group-FERDLIS's Ice Storage technology, saving annual running cost of six millions.

Fuyao Glass Group-Design and application of industrial air conditioning in glass production process quality improvement through the support from FERDLIS USA team.

National Development Bank-Using FERDLIS third generation efficient Ground Source Heat Pump, saving the annual operating cost of 63.2%.

Beijing Tongrentang(TRT)-Equipped with FERDLIS purification system, achieved highest level of GMP Certification, and successfully entered the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Fujian Xiangyun Biological Technology Group-FERDLIS creatively used air conditioning technology into agriculture, making mushroom production capacity tripled, with good quality, help customer become a mushroom industry leader.

Bayer (Wuxi) Factory-FERDLIS's most advanced auto-overlapped refrigeration technology saved initial investment 45%, won "Strategic Partner" award for the great contribution.

In addition, FERDLIS also has a comprehensive application technology, multi system, FCD dynamic imitation of vacuum technology, unique FY refrigeration compressor technology......

We are changing life for better quality! 

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