Our business and society are linked closely, therefore, FERDLIS clearly recognize our commitment to the country, and commit to building a more harmonious society.

In 2011, FERDLIS start to cooperate with NGO for Blind to improve their living conditions, to carry out comprehensive community integration activities. We start a weekly 'Minds Theater', provide an introduction movie for the audience, and provide basic information of the films. In addition, we also invite community leaders to share thoughts and feelings for different movies, and invite listeners to share in activities. We bring different feeling for blind listeners, and also support the entire community activities.

Every second Saturday in each month, FERDLIS staffs 'talk' movie with blind friends, we talk about the extremely rich film scene, so that they can feel the plot of the movie, as well as our care and love. FERDLIS endeavor to provide more opportunities, and encourage our employees to actively engage in more community activities.

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