Since entering into Chinese market, FERDLIS has grown rapidly, which means the company needs a substantial increase in staffs. We must not only deal with the fierce competition in the domestic job market, but also ensure the healthy development of young employees. Due to the rapid development of Chinese business, many less experienced mangers have been rapidly increased to management positions. In order to properly dealing with these challenges, we proposed the concept of Chinese Leadership Academy, FERDLIS Chinese Management and human resources experts set Leadership Institute to help Chinese managers have the necessary skills for effective business management. 

For managers with less than two years experience 

Main courses: 

• Understand the roles and responsibilities of managers

• Targets and tools for Leadership

• Self-management, Situation-management

•  Effective Communication

• FERDLIS High Efficient Performance

• Diversity and Inclusion of Leadership

• Feedback and Incentives

• Personal Development

• Guidance to colleagues

• Values of FERDLIS

For managers with morethan two years experience

Main courses: 

• Extended Leadership

• Fair Competition

• Efficient Meeting Organization and Management

• Leadership Implementation Tools

• Dealing with Complex or Situations

• Establishment of High Performance Culture

• Optimized Team Building

• Leading in Change Period

• Self-determined Development according to FERDLIS Values

• Coaching Management 

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