FERDLIS have provided a wide range of development opportunities for capable, high enthusiasm and team spirit staff. We are also seeking talents with business acumen and high sense of responsibility. At the same time, we also provide challenging work and entrusted task for employees,, and give employees the freedom to fully display their abilities. We believe in the truism "Never too late to learn".FERDLIS provide a wealth of educational and training opportunities for staffs, and encourage employees to develop personality as well as professional ability. 

Development Principles

 Let talents effectively contribute their thinking, experience and insight to promote the development of FERDLIS. 

FERDLIS want employees to rely on their own efforts and hard work to achieve personal development.

FERDLIS commit to nurturing inside talent within the group, so that our managers can actively involve our development among our big family.

Early potential planning and continued training for leadership is an important part of our development strategies.

FERDLIS pay highly attention to our employees with specialized skills, we provide career planning and development opportunities for these people. FERDLIS strengthen personal development through the promotion and mobile transfer within the company. Our global internal recruitment bulletin give the equal chance for all employees to quickly know vacancies within the company and the freedom to apply for.

Learning for personal development

FERDLIS Training Department help us to deal with current and future challenges. We enhance the learning culture within the enterprise. FERDLIS training department provide staffs with a wide range of learning opportunities, such as e-learning, classroom education and onsite training, etc., which improve the employees skills and their F execution abilities.

Knowledge and leadership

Continuing education is our important solution to achieve our talent management and respond to changes in the population structure. Last year, we offer a range of advanced training courses for employees worldwide, and help them develop skill of innovative thinking. 

We will not only focus on professional knowledge, learning, execution, but also enhance the leadership. In 2011, we launched the "FERDLIS Outstanding Leadership" standardized management program.

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